A thing of Beauty and Despair

The ability to switch off my feelings; avoidance of more pain The surrender of my addictions The last morning at your house, when i felt the air leave my lungs momentarily The year 2019 The lump in my throat; crying at the bus stop The total codependence i have with my cat The year 2016,Continue reading “A thing of Beauty and Despair”

Trigger and Release

Justin slapped me. I slapped him back. We continued for a few more rounds until he had me pinned down on his couch-come-bed, both my hands bound in one of his paddles. He hated that I called them that because of his body dysmorphia. I forget how insensitive I am sometimes. But his hands areContinue reading “Trigger and Release”

Hard Rubbish

The thing about having constant internal battles is that is comes with extra shit, like lot’s of sick leave, confused friends and weight gain/loss. After making an impressive dent in the couch with my cat by my side, I decided it was time I try going to work. Halfway through the morning, my mother texted,Continue reading “Hard Rubbish”

The Night I Tried To Buy Dope

I folded three twenty-dollar notes and zipped them into my track pants; beginning the dress-down role I was planning to take on. Each of my silver rings I squeezed off my sweaty fingers and chucked them next to the sink. Next I took out some black eye shadow and rubbed it carelessly over my lidsContinue reading “The Night I Tried To Buy Dope”